The Bachelor of Arts in Khmer Literature teaches Students to Analysis Explain and Compare all aspects of Khmer Language and Literature. Students gain an expert knowledge of Khmer Language and Literature, which form the basis of Khmer Culture and identity, As Cambodia becomes increasingly involved in exchanges with foreign countries, It is important that Cambodian understand their own culture and used it as a starting point for building relationship with other.

During the four years of their degree, Students develop advanced skills for social research, preparing them for a wide range of careers including teaching, journalism and government work in areas such as information, tourism and culture, as well as work in non- government organization (NGOs).


A faculty of Khmer Language was established in 2010. The degree course in Khmer Literature was established to provide a deep awareness and knowledge of Khmer Language , Literature, Culture and Civilization, to consolidate national identity and help rebuild the nation after the year of unrest.

Admission to the degree of bachelor of Arts (Khmer Literature) is administered by the Ministry of youth and sport, based on sound results in the high school certificate all subjects.

Assessment is based on semester examination, written assignment and fieldwork at archaeological sites such as Angkor Wat and Angkor Borei. Final year students either write a thesis, or complete coursework toward a final examination. The thesis option, usually reserved for the top 10% of the class, is presented and defended to the department in place of final exam.